MapEasy Guidemap Montreal

Montreal successfully blends the best of both the English and the French culture in Canada. The bilingual MapEasy Guidemap makes your visit easy and enjoyable. Let us guide you through the best that Montreal has to offer. Begin at the Museum of Fine Arts, then stroll through the vast underground shopping complexes that are a real treat in the colder months. For a change of pace, join us as we explore Old Montreal, with it's period buildings and cultural institutions. When it's time to eat, we'll give you best of Montreal, whether you are looking for a romantic French bistro or some updated nouvelle cuisine. The Montreal Guidemap includes detailed sections for Old Montreal, Crescent Street, St. Laurent Boulevard, and Olympic Park. MapEasy Guidemaps are made of a tear-resistant and waterproof material that will endure the most rigorous travels! Each Guidemap is geographically accurate and to-scale, and contains useful information on hotels and restaurants (including price ranges) as well as facts on museums, cultural events, attractions, and retail shops. All of the information is color-coded, easy-to-use, and fun!

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