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MapEasy Guidemap Shanghai other Chinese city so fully blends the history and charm of old China with the dynamic energy of a rapidly emerging world center! Let MapEasy be your guide and help you plan your trip, tour and discover the wonderful culture, history, and excitement of Shanghai. Come with us as we walk among the large collection of some of the world's most dramatic and stunning new architecture. Then visit the intimate and scenic YuYuan Gardens and the Huxing Teahouse. We'll also take you along the European-inspired Bund, and lead you to the city's best shops and museums. And when planning your trip, we'll help you find the best accommodations to suit your needs and offer the insider's view on Shanghai's eclectic dining scene. The Shanghai Guidemap includes detailed sections for YuYuan Gardens, the People's Park to The Bund District, and Greater Shanghai.

Price: $6.95