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Cookbooks Cafe Pasqual's Cookbook, Spirited Recipes from Santa Fe   Discover Santa Fe »


Cafe Pasqual's, a small, bustling, and perpetually jammed restaurant in the heart of Santa Fe, draws on a wide range of Southwestern and Mexican culinary traditions to create an original menu based on fresh, authentic ingredients and emphatic flavors. This first collection of over 60 recipes from Cafe Pasqual's includes an enticing variety of easy-to-prepare dishes for every meal of the day, from simple breakfast quesadillas to all-out dinners. Illustrated with hand-tinted photographs and bright, kitschy Mexican calendar art, complete with a glossary of ingredients and a mail-order source guide, Cafe Pasqual's Cookbook celebrates the spirited flavors and irrepressible appeal of what is fast becoming the nation's most popular regional cuisine.

Cookbooks Nuevo Tex-Mex Cookbook   Discover Dallas »


Nuevo Tex-Mex cooking, the hottest new trend in Nuevo Latino cuisine, embraces and celebrates both its zesty Latin American flavors and no-nonsense Texas personality. This is hearty food for real people, people who are not afraid to drink a beer (or a shot of tequila) with a meal (even if it's breakfast) and get their hands a little messy. It's food that knows how to have fun without rolling in heavy ingredients. In Nuevo Tex-Mex, Texan chef David Garrido's hip and innovative recipes are presented by Texan food writer Robb Walsh with lots of humor and attitude, all photographed in vivid color and spectacular style by Texan photographer Manny Rodriguez. Even the book's designer is from Texas! This is absolutely the best thing to come along since ice cold beer, tortilla chips, and guacamole.