Jay's Juices

Haarlemmerstraat 14
1013 ER , Amsterdam
Phone: 020 6231267

Come here to keep your creative juices flowing! Drink down some 'Dynamite' (a combination of chili pepper, apple, & carrot juice) to clear the way for a great day. But be ready for immediate action! Their description: "All visions you've had, all support you've been gathering: they will be compressed into this moment of action. Hesitation becomes firmness, longing becomes receiving: the waiting is done. No questions asked. Your way is lying open before you." Wow, and there are lots of other choices, too: Try 'The Terminator', 'Green Magic', 'Orange Sunrise', 'White Angel' and more.

Van Gogh Museum

At The Van Gogh Musuem
Amsterdam, 1070 Netherlands
Phone: 011-31-020-570-5200
Fax: 011-31-020-570-5222

Don't miss seeing this amazing museum. The collection originally belonged to Theo van Gogh (1857-1891), Vincent's younger brother. The museum also has a large collection of works by other 19th-century artists: contemporaries and friends of Van Gogh, including Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as older artists whom he admired, such as Léon Lhermitte and Jean-Francois Millet. Much of this work was compiled by the brothers Van Gogh. The museum collection has expanded through acquisitions and loans from other cultural institutions.

Seven Bridges

31 Reguliersgracht
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: 011-31-20-623-1329

You don't even have to cross the seven seas to get to this eight-room hotel on one of the city's most lovely canals. The rooms all have individual character with oriental rugs on wooden or marble floors and hand-crafted Dutch furniture. Highly recommended. One warning: there is no elevator and rooms are up a winding flight of steep stairs.